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About Dish truHD+
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About Dish truHD+

What is Dish TruHD+?
Dish truHD+ is the HD Recorder service offered by DISHTV, the No. 1 DTH player in India. It offers the best of hi-definition television entertainment along with advanced recorder capabilities.

How does recording on Dish truHD+ work?
Traditional DVRs/Recorders come with an in-built hard drive to store the recorded content. For the first time in India, Dish truHD+ comes with unique and innovative built-in recorder software. To enjoy recording you will simply need to plug in a USB storage device e.g.  USB HDD or Pen Drive in the USB port located at the back panel / front panel of the Dish truHD+ STB.

What is a USB storage device?
A USB storage device is a data storage device that consists of flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface e.g USB HDD or Pen Drive. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable.

How do I set-up a new USB storage device?
To set up USB storage device please do the following-

  • Plug in the USB storage device located at the back panel / front panel of the Dish truHD+ STB
  • Power OFF-ON the box from the main switch
  • Dish truHD+ would ask you to format the device, press OK to format
  • Press the record button  on the remote and get ready to experience the recorder

Which type of USB storage devices does Dish truHD+ support
Dish truHD+ supports all USB 2.0 standard mass storage devices

What is the smallest size of USB storage device that the Box supports?

  • To access recording functionality minimum of 1GB USB storage device should be inserted in the Dish truHD+
  •  To access both recording as well as Time Shift functionality, STB requires minimum of 2GB USB storage device should be inserted in the Dish truHD + STB

Where do I insert the USB storage device?
You can insert the USB device in the USB slot located at the back/front panel of Dish truHD+ set top box.

Will existing data on the USB device be deleted upon insertion in the USB slot of Dish truHD+?
Yes, Dish truHD+ would ask you to format the device and after the format it will delete all existing data on your external USB device. We therefore recommend dedicating an external USB device for recording on Dish truHD+
I already have a Dish truHD, how can I upgrade to Dish truHD+?
If you already have a Dish truHD STB, it will automatically be upgraded to Dish truHD+ software at no extra cost, however you will need to order Dish truHD+ remote worth Rs. 300.
To upgrade to Dish truHD+ you will simply need to SMS DISHTV 105 to 57575 from your registered mobile number and we will call you back promptly to explain the process for ordering a Dish truHD+ Remote.
In case your mobile number is not registered with Dishtv and you want to register, simply SMS: DISHTV RMN <your 11digit VC No.> to 57575

Are there any charges to activate recording facility?
Currently, Dishtv is providing all existing and new HD subscribers FREE Recording facility. However, existing HD subscribers need to order a Dish truHD+ Remote worth Rs. 300

How can I order Dish truHD+ Remote?
You can order Dish truHD+ remote by simply sending an SMS –
SMS DISHTV 105 to 57575 from your registered mobile number or CALL Dishtv customer care at :
1860-180-3474 (Only MTNL/BSNL lines), 60013474 (Only Non MTNL/BSNL lines) (Prefix 011 for North, 022 for west, 033 for East & 044 for South), 0120-2550000 (All lines).
Rs. 300 will be debited in your Dishtv account and while placing the order it will be mandatory to have at least Rs. 500 in your Dishtv account so that you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

Dish truHD+ Features

What are the various functions of Dish truHD+ remote?
The various functions of Dish truHD+ remote are as follows-

What are the prominent features of Dish truHD+?
Dish truHD+ has several features, the most prominent being:

  • Unlimited Recording: It supports multiple usb devices for unlimited recording
  • Pause, Rewind and Forward: Now you have the power to record, pause, rewind and forward your favorite shows.
  • Record in Standby:  Schedule programmes to Record automatically even if the TV is switched off
  • Event and Time Based Recording: Schedule recordings for a specific time/event

How can I do unlimited recording on Dish truHD+?
Since Dish truHD+ works with an external USB drive, you can own TV library and record unlimited on multiple external devices

How much is the maximum capacity of the external USB which Dish truHD+ records on?
Dish truHD+ gives you the unique edge to record UNLIMITED by using multiple external USB devices

How much can I record in 1GB?
In 1 GB of disk space enables approximately 50 minutes of SD recording OR 20 minutes of HD recording

How do I Record?
To Record-
a. Simply press the record button  on the remote to record at any point during a current playing event
b. To record a program select that program from the EPG or the Info Bar and press Record Button  on the Remote.
c.  For time based recording select a channel from the DVR menu and set time to record

How to rewind, pause and Forward?
a.  Press the pause button  during any playing event to Pause live TV *
b. Simply press the play button  on the remote to resume from where you paused
c. You can also forward /rewind recorded content by pressing the forward button /rewind button  on your remote 
*Pause and Play will not happen in case the channel being watched is also being recorded.

How do I Manage Recordings?   
a. Simply press the File button  on your Remote to access the recorded content.
b.  Select from the list of recorded events and view your favorite event

Dish truHD+ Guide

For how long can I store my recordings?
Recordings would be available as long as the user decides to keep it and can be played only on the same box on which it was recorded.

How do I know how much USB disk space is available for recording?
To know the disk space, Press Menu and Go to Recorder and press Yellow key.

What happens when my disk gets full during a recording in progress?
You get a “Low Disk Space” warning message. User needs to delete some of the recorded content. If he does not deletes some of the recordings and continues with the recording after some time his disk would be full and a “Disk Full message” would and be displayed. He would not be able to do any further recording.

Will I be able to record on one STB and play the Recording on another STB?
Due to content piracy laws, the recorded content is stored in an encrypted file and can be played only on the same STB.

Can I simultaneously Record one channel and watch another channel?
Dish truHD+ is a single tuner Recorder and hence you can watch and record one channel at a time. However, you can watch a recorded programme while you are recording an ongoing programme.

I am not able to view a previously recorded event/ I currently don’t have the channel in my pack which I recorded earlier, Can I still view the recorded content?
In order to continue watching recorded content, it is necessary to subscribe to the recorded channel in the pack currently chosen by the subscriber.

How do I format the USB storage device from the STB
Press Menu key on the Remote --> go to Recorder --> Go to Recorder Settings and Format Disk --> use Right Key to select Yes and press OK -- > Press ok to Start format.

I am unable to record MOD
DVR functionality is not enabled on MOD channels

What happens if there is a power failure during a recording in progress?
In case of a power failure mid-recording, recording will get discontinued.

 I am not able to access the DVR menu on my screen
In such cases request you to please contact the customer care of Dishtv at-
Send SMS to get a call back: DISHTV CALL ME to 57575
Call us: 1860-180-3474 (Only MTNL/BSNL lines), 60013474 (Only Non MTNL/BSNL lines) (Prefix 011 for North, 022 for west, 033 for East & 044 for South), 0120-2550000 (All lines)

 Can I record Standard definition (SD) content on Dish truHD+
Yes you can record both hi-definition as well as standard definition content on Dish truHD+


What is High Definition (HD)? How is it different from Standard Definition (SD)?
HD offers resolution that is substantially higher than traditional television systems (standard-definition TV, or SDTV or SD). HD has one or two million pixels per frame; roughly five times that of SD.
HD Features : HD brings to you cinema-like viewing experience where you enjoy 33% wider screen with a panoramic aspect ratio of 16:9, 1080i with an amazing picture resolution of 1080x1920 that offers picture quality that is 5 times sharper than standard definition and delivers superior theatre like stereophonic sound.

What is 1080i?
With 1080i, Dish truHD+ offers you an amazing picture resolution of up to 1080x1920. It will therefore offer you sharper quality with 5 times more detail than Standard Definition

What is virtual surround?
Dish truHD+ has an intelligent audio system which attempts to create the perception of surround sound without usage of large number of speakers, therefore giving you theatre like experience without heavy investment in an advanced audio system.

What services do I get to watch in HD?
Dish truHD+ offers more than 40 HD services.

Do I get to watch other services apart from HD services on Dish truHD+?
Yes, apart from HD services you get to watch around 250+ SD channels & services as part of your base pack (depending on your base pack).

What all equipments do I need to have in order to get the true HD+ experience?
To fully experience Dish truHD+ you will need to have a Full HD or HD ready television, external USB device along with a home theatre system.

Channel Packages and Price

What is the minimum base pack available with HD connection?
Minimum base pack that can be availed on Dish truHD+ is Super HD World in North and South Super HD World in South India.

What is the price of Dish truHD+?
There are multiple offers that are available to you click here.