DISHTV on Wheels
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DISHTV on Wheels
Dishtv on Wheels, DTH for Car, Mobile Satellite Services

Dishtv on Wheels
Presenting the revolutionary Mobile dishtv. Your solution to the cricket all you miss while traveling, the top stories that elude you.

Mobile dishtv revolutionizes your driving experience by beaming digital entertainment directly into your car. You can choose from a vast bouquet of 100 + channels offering news, sports, music and entertainment.

Foot tapping music on VH1, sports coverage on Star Cricket and much more. In short it's entertainment that truly complements your SUV.

No need to miss breaking news or nail biting cricket action anymore!

"Multi TV: A personal live tv experience for each passenger of your vehicle The same system can now be extended to a multi tv environment where every video screen of your car, bus ,train , yacht and ship can get more than 70 live tv channels on the move. "
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For ordering / queries regarding ‘Dish On Wheels’ (live TV in Cars / SUVs / Ships / Trains) please email to  or Call - 0120 4698114