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DishTV Active Services

Our Employment Philosophy:

We Are Dedicated To Your Success

  • To conduct our business with integrity and efficiency, while providing a pleasant and rewarding experience to employees

  • To respect rights of each employee while treating them with courtesy, dignity and consideration

  • To seek high quality employees and match them on the basis of their skills and abilities

  • To promote employees on the basis of ability, job performance, skills and experience

Why Join DishTV India Limited

We believe in inspiring lives and increasing well-being – all of which begins with OUR PEOPLE. Our values shape the standards of our expectation from employees. Careers are considered as a chance to unleash potential with a commitment to deliver, to go the extra mile and to be ethical to build relationships with integrity. Our focus is to create a rewarding experience. Our performance based culture creates a productive, positive and challenging work environment that brings out the best in you. We enable you to keep a healthy work-life balance & we have great women centric policies.

We create excellent entertainment experience for our customers, meaningful opportunities for our employees and a positive impact in our communities.

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