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      By recharging his/her subscription, the subscriber hereby gives his/her consent to receive SMS, calls and WhatsApp messages from Dish TV for any offers related to its products and services.

      As per the New Tariff Order (NTO), Broadcasters have raised the tariffs from 1st Feb 2023. However, being a loyal customer of Dish TV, we are not passing on the entire increased cost to our customers by providing "Discount". The discounts so provided may be withdrawn without any prior notice at any given point at the sole discretion of the Company.

      Dish Auto pay and enjoy benefits:

      • Hassle free automatic recharge.
      • Don't let plan expiry interrupt your entertainment.
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      What is CVV Number?

      CVV is the last three digits of the number present on the back of your card.


      What is Auto Recharge?

      AutoPay is a convenient option in which bills will be paid automatically each billing cycle on their due dates using your default credit card or bank account.

      Benefits of Auto Recharge.

      • auto pay benefit

        Safe & secure

      • auto pay benefit

        Saves time

      • auto pay benefit

        Uninterrupted Entertainment

      • auto pay benefit

        Peace of mind

      Cashback Balance Details

      • On new activation, subscribers will have to pay ₹3,000 to get the due cashback along with the new connection. Offer will provide a total cashback benefit of Rs.5,000 (for new connection taken with antenna) & Rs.5,500 (for new connection without antenna) respectively.
      • On new activation for customers purchasing connection from Dish TV website, subscribers will have to pay ₹2,700 to get a new connection along with due cashback. Offer will provide a total cashback benefit of Rs.5,000 (for new connection taken with antenna).
      • Cashback process – Customer will get part of the cashback instantly upon activation and the balance will be credited in their Cashback Wallet.
      • Balance cashback benefit will be used in the customer a/c, equivalent to subsequent recharges done by the customer, till the entire Cashback Benefit is consumed, i.e. Subscriber will get 100% cashback on every subsequent recharge.
      • To check the status of the cashback received, credited and used, customers may check the “CASHBACK STATEMENT” section of their My Account on the website and app.
      • Payment to avail the Offer has to be made in one single transaction
      • Offer is exclusive of any SD/HD/Hybrid pack which the customer can avail at its prevailing price. Month refers to a period of 30 days.
      • Customer can opt for any SD/ HD/ Hybrid pack of his/her choice from the available cashback in the main account.
      • Minimum recharge amount is as per the existing policy.
      • Customers will get 3 years warranty (1 year comprehensive + 2 years service warranty) on this offer.
      • The cashback amount will be under lock-in as per the company’s policy.
      • SD
      • HD
      The service warranty is available to subscribers who are currently active with the Royale packs . The service warranty covers technician visits at no extra cost. The service warranty remains effective as long as the subscriber maintain the Royale packs . If a subscriber downgrades to a pack other than the Royale pack on which he is active , the service warranty shall be discontinued. A 30 calendar days cooling-off period applies to the activation or deactivation of the service warranty. Repairs and replacement related to STB and other hardware shall continue to be charged at rates specified by the company during the service warranty.