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1 Month Subscription worth 408
299+ Channels | 12 HD Channels

at just 18711432*

(Applicable Taxes extra)


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The Set Top Box shall carry a warranty of 3 years as per applicable regulation.
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*The STB provided to the Subscriber shall carry a life time warranty for any fault or malfunction of the STB, provided that the connection is always recharged within a period of 30 days from the due date and unless the reason of the fault/malfunction is attributable to the Subscriber. The said warranty shall lapse if the connection is not recharged within the stipulated 30 days' time period at any point of time in the life cycle or the subscriber is in breach of Clause (1) (ii) above, whether or not Dish Infra exercises its right to take back the SPE.Conditions apply. For detailed terms and condition please visit