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Instant Recharge
Recharge anytime, anywhere with just a tap. A wide choice of payment modes and exclusive offers.
Manage Your Account
Make changes to your pack or add more channels/services with a few taps.
Channel Guide
Know when your favorite program is being aired and set reminders for it. Set channels as Favourites.
Quick Fixes
Talk to My DishTV app with the newly introduced ADI Chatbot. Tell ADI your DishTV related issues and get quick solutions.
Transaction History
View your past recharges or download invoices
Infrared Remote
A companion for your DishTV set-top-box: Now control your DishTV set-top-box with all-new Infrared remote features.

*Only for the devices with Infrared transmitters. Check with your device manufacturer.

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New Improved App…
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Very good and user friendly app.
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This app has transformed into an exceptional app, Remote feature is such a useful thing. Keep it up…
- Prasad Yelchuri
All DishTV info at hand. Easy to recharge
- Parry Walia
Very good app, no need to call at the help care center u can modify your pack, refresh your dish, instant recharge etc., Great app
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This app is becoming more popular, useful and informative. The new addition of channel guide is awsome.
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Cool and efficient with a user friendly interface. Quick customer support.


How would the App help me?

My DishTV App helps by providing 24 x 7 access to your DishTV Account. All account information is accessible within one tap and all other actions within 3 taps. With features like Instant recharge, manage account and transaction history you do not need to call for general information and common issues.

What are the various features/sections in the App?

Following are the various sections/features of the App:

  • Instant Recharge: Recharge within 3 taps, using variety of payment modes including UPI and Wallets.
  • ADI Chatbot: Troubleshoot common issues like not able to watch TV after recharge, not able to view subscribed channel etc. with ADI Chatbot. Tell ADI your DishTV related issues and get quick solutions.
  • Infrared Remote: Now you can control your DishTV set-top-box with an Infrared remote on your My DishTV app. IR remote is available only for android mobile devices with an Infrared transmitter/blaster.
  • Modify your pack: View detailed account information like balance, subscribed pack and switch-off date. Upgrade your pack, add more channels or Active services with just a few taps. The journey is designed to make the pack selection/modification process easier for you.
  • Channel number finder: Search with channel name to find the channel number.
  • Channel guide: Detailed schedule about programs on all channels on DishTV platform. View program schedule, mark channels as favorite and set reminder for those programs. Also share program information with your friends.
  • Program Recommendations: Now My DishTV can recommend the most popular content to watch on your TV. Handy information about currently running and Top TV shows, Movies and Sports on the home page.

Who can use the DishTV App?

App is available for only DishTV and Zing Digital subscribers.

How do I register on the App?

You can use your Registered Mobile Number (RMN) to register on the app. On the login page select “Register” and enter your RMN on the next screen. You will receive an OTP to verify your RMN. Enter the OTP and then choose your password to login.

How do I login?

You can login using three different methods on the App:

  • Using App credentials: Using your RMN/VC No. and password that you have chosen at the time of registration on the App. You can also use the credentials for your account on to login on the App.
  • Using OTP (One-time-passcode): Choose “Request OTP” option on the login page, enter your RMN on the following page and you will receive an OTP on your RMN. App will auto read the OTP, just tap submit and login.
  • Using your Social Media Account: You can use your social media account (Gmail and Facebook) to login with just a single tap. You will have to provide the credentials of your social media account, only while using this method for the first time. We link your social media account to your DishTV account and next time onwards you can just tap once on your preferred social media option to login.

What if I don’t remember the password?

On the login page, tap “Forgot Password” -> Enter your RMN and you will receive an SMS with your new password on your RMN and also an email on your registered email ID.

Alternatively, you can also use the OTP method to login as described above.

Can I manage all my accounts with the same login?

Yes, if you are using your RMN to login, you will be asked to choose a VC number while logging-in. Just choose the VC number for your desired account on that prompt.
To view the information about another VC number (registered under same mobile number), tap on your VC number displayed on the home page to see the list of your VC numbers, choose a VC number to see its information.

What are the different payment modes through which I can recharge?

You can recharge through following payment modes:

  1. Debit Card
  2. Credit Card
  3. Netbanking
  4. UPI
  5. Wallets
    • PayTM
    • Mobikwik
    We are in the process of adding more wallet options.

What information does Channel Guide provide?

Channel guide provides information about program schedules for all channels available on DishTV platform, for the next 7 days. It also provides detailed information about individual programs.
In addition to this, you can also mark channels as favorites, set reminders for your favourite programs and share program information with your friends.

How do I set a reminder for a program?

Go to channel guide -> navigate to find the program that you are looking for (you can also search for programs) -> Tap on the desired program which will open program information popup. At the bottom of the popup there is a Reminder icon. Tap it to add the program reminder to your calendar.

How do I mark channels as favourite and how to get a list of my favourite channels?

To mark/unmark a channel as favourite in channel guide just tap on the channel icon. To get a list of the channels that you have marked as favourite, go to filters Select Favourites (first item in the filter list) -> Apply.

On what operating systems is the app available?

App is available for Android OS version 4.0 and above.

Can I watch TV content on the App?

As of now, we do not have the streaming feature on My DishTV app. However DishTV App provides recommendations for currently running and upcoming TV shows, movies and Sports on the home page.

How to use ADI Chatbot on App?

Now ADI Chatbot can answer your queries and present quick solutions for DishTV related issues. Tap on the ADI icon on the right hand bottom of the home page and just type your issues like in a normal chat. You can also choose from the prompts given by ADI to move through the flow.

How to use Infrared Remote?

Infrared Remote is only available on the devices which have an Infrared blaster/transmitter built-in. Examples of such devices are Redmi 4/5 and Redmi note 4/5. If you have an eligible device, IR remote icon will appear in the middle of the bottom navigation on the home page.
Tap on IR remote icon to access the remote. Interface is self-explanatory and closely resembles your DishTV Remote.