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Hollywood Indie Active Hollywood Indie Active

Ab Hollywood banega desi


  • Channel Name:

  • Pack Price:

    1.5*Per Day

Hollywood Indie Active Services

  • Blockbuster Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu

Hollywood Indie Active’ brings an ad-free selection of the most popular, iconic, and award-winning Hollywood titles. The service showcases popular and award-winning Hollywood movies dubbed in 4 languages for the very first time - Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi. Hollywood Indie Active is available in SD (Standard Definition) which will feature the top Hollywood movie titles. With this service, customers can enjoy a variety of movie genres like action, adventure, crime, thriller, mystery, sci-fi, suspense, horror, and so on.

To order, give a Missed Call from
your Registered Mobile Number.
1800 315 7910

*GST EXTRA. Terms and Conditions apply.

**Recording feature is available on D-7000 HD model only.

*GST Extra. Logos and images belong to respective owners. The service shall continue at prevailing rates after expiry of 7 days unless opted-out by the subscriber. T&C Apply. For detailed T&C, visit

₹1.43* per day will be applicable after 7 days

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