Details Of Network Capacity Fee (NCF)

  • The NCF being charged by Dish TV is mentioned in the below table:
Mandatory DD
Pay channels (SD) NCF payable by
Subscriber (Rs.)
(taxes extra)
25 Up to 75 130
25 76 to 100 150
25 101 to 125 170
25 >125 190
  • In case any subscriber wants to avail only Free to Air (FTA) channel, the NCF will be Rs. 130 plus taxes. For the ease of its Subscriber, Dish TV is providing all the FTA channels available on its platform to its subscribers. Dish TV is providing various options under the FTA pack which options are mentioned in the relevant section of the consumer corner / subscriber corner.
    For the purpose of calculation of no. of pay channels (to identify the NCF payable) 1 HD pay channel shall be calculated as 2 SD pay channels.

Toll free number of customer care centre and other contact details

Availability of customer care programming service with its LCN

  • Customer Care programming service is available on channel 999/998.

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CPE Schemes:

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Consumer Agreement Form (CAF)

Manual of Practice

Procedure for new connection

  • Dish TV India Limited (“Dish TV”) at the time of providing connection to a consumer, shall inform him about complete details of services, including but not limited to, maximum retail price per month and distributor retail price per month of a-la-carte channels or bouquets, network capacity fee per month and the price of customer premises equipment, security deposit, rental amount, guarantee/warrantee, maintenance provisions and ownership of customer premises equipment, as may be applicable.
  • Dish TV shall provide broadcasting services related to television to the consumer upon obtaining duly filled Consumer Application Form (Schedule- I) and provide a copy of the same to the consumer.
  • Dish TV, shall, by using the subscriber management system, assign a unique identification number to every subscriber which shall be communicated to the subscriber through Short Message Service (SMS) to the registered mobile number of the subscriber and other means of communication such as email, b-mail, monthly bill or payment receipt as may be deemed appropriate.
  • Dish TV shall activate broadcasting services related to television to the subscriber only after the details of Consumer Application Form of such subscriber have been entered into the subscriber management system:

    Provided that the charges for broadcasting services related to television shall be payable by the subscriber from the date of activation of such services.
  • Dish TV may charge an amount not exceeding rupees three hundred and fifty as a one-time installation charge for installation of a new connection for providing the broadcasting services related to television.
  • Dish TV may charge an amount not exceeding rupees one hundred as a one-time activation charge for activating the broadcasting services related to television.

Details of Multi TV policy for DishTV

DishTV offers its subscribers the freedom to avail additional connections at a discounted price. Subscribers can avail up to 3 multi connections in addition to their Primary connection and can choose to have different content on each multi connection or “mirror” the same content as their primary connection. In case the subscriber does not choose any specific channel/pack, same content as primary connection will be offered in the multi connection(s). Charges applicable would be as follows:

  • Flat NCF of Rs. 50 (plus taxes) is applicable on each of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th DishTV connection.
  • In addition to the NCF, content charges (DRP of the channels/ bouquets) plus taxes will be applicable on actual basis on primary and each of the multi connections.

  • For all practical purposes, connection with maximum content (no. of channels) will be considered as “Primary”. For content calculation purposes, 1 HD channel is considered equal to 2 SD channels.

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Temporary discontinuation/deactivation of service

  • The Subscriber may avail temporary deactivation only when he is active in his subscription.
  • Duration for which a subscriber can opt temporary deactivation is minimum 15 days and multiples thereof.
  • For a child connection, a subscriber can avail temporary deactivation policy individually. However, if the subscriber wishes to avail the same for the parent connection, then the same must be availed for all the connections.
  • Subscriber can avail temporary deactivation as many times as many times they want
  • For reactivation, the Subscriber will have to pay in terms of the following:
    • Rs.25 as restoration fee if such services have remained suspended continuously for a period not exceeding 3 months.
    • Rs.100 as re-activation fee if such services have remained suspended continuously for a period exceeding 3 months.

Relocation of connection

In case a subscriber requests for relocation of his connection from one location to another location, Dish TV, shall, subject to technical and operational feasibility, relocate the connection within a period of seven days from the date of receipt of such request:

Provided that it shall be permissible for Dish TV, as the case may be, to charge from such subscriber-
  • an amount, not exceeding, twice the amount of installation charge prescribed by the distributor, in case, such relocation work involves dismantling of the outdoor equipment of customer premises equipment from old location and reinstallation at new location, or
  • an amount, not exceeding, the installation charge prescribed by Dish TV, in case, such relocation work does not involve dismantling of the outdoor equipment of customer premises equipment from old location.

Procedure and benchmark for complaint redressal:

  • Complaints handling by customer care centre.—
    • Dish TV shall ensure that the customer care centre, immediately upon receipt of a complaint from a subscriber, registers such complaint each time and allots a unique number to be called the docket number:
      Provided that the Authority may, if deemed necessary, specify a format for such docket number.
    • Dish TV shall ensure that the customer care centre-
    • at the time of registering of the complaint, communicates to the subscriber the docket number, date and time of registration of the complaint and the time within which the complaint is likely to be resolved; and
    • on resolution of the complaint, communicates to the subscriber, the details of the action taken on the complaint and also the name and contact number of the nodal officer for further redressal of complaint, if the subscriber is not satisfied.
  • Time limit for redressal of complaints.— Dish TV shall adhere to the following time limits for redressal of complaints of the subscribers-
    • all complaints shall be responded to within eight hours of receipt of the complaint:

      provided that complaints received after the office working hours shall be responded by the next working day;
    • at least ninety percent of all ‘no signal’ complaints received shall be redressed and signal restored within twenty four hours of receipt of such complaint;
    • all complaints relating to billing shall be redressed within seven days of receipt of the complaint from the subscriber and refunds, if any, shall be made to such subscriber within thirty days of receipt of the complaint;
    • at least ninety percent of all other complaints not covered under clause (b) and clause (c) shall be redressed within forty eight hours of receipt of such complaints;
    • no complaint, except billing related complaints referred to in clause (c), shall remain unresolved beyond seventy two hours.
  • Redressal of complaints by nodal officers.
    • Dish TV has appointed nodal officers for every State in which it is providing broadcasting services related to television, for the redressal of complaints of subscribers.
    • In case a subscriber is not satisfied with the redressal of complaint by the customer care centre, such subscriber may approach the nodal officer of Dish TV for redressal of his complaint.
    • The nodal officer shall-
      • (a) register every complaint lodged by the subscribers;
      • (b) issue an acknowledgement to the subscriber within two days from date of the receipt of the complaint indicating therein the unique complaint number;
      • (c) redress such complaints of subscribers within ten days from the date of receipt of the complaint and intimate the decision taken thereon in respect of such complaint to the subscriber.
  • Through web based complaint management system.-Dish TV also provides resolution of complaint through web based complaint system.

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