Got more than one TV at home?

Get a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th DishTV connection & let every family member enjoy unlimited entertainment. So while your kids enjoy their cartoon shows, you can still catch up with your favourite movies.

Install a new DIshTV connection on your secondary TV

Enjoy all channels & services of main connection
Get different content on your secondary connection.

Flat Network Capacity Fee (NCF) of
Rs. 50* on all secondary connections.

Mega savings on your DishTV subscription

Get all you secondary connections at a discounted Network Capacity Fee (NCF) of Rs. 50* only

Never miss an important match because you want your kids to catch up on their favourite cartoon series. Get subsequent DishTV connections and create channel packs at affordable rates.

*GST Extra.

Additional Information

  • No. of channels and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • For 1 Main Connection, upto 3 Connections can be availed in the same house.
  • Each television will have one set of box.
  • All 4 connection will have one same antenna.
  • Connection with maximum no. of channels will be considered as Primary connection.
  • 1 HD channel = 2 SD channels.

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