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Can a salesman be a hero?

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Language : Hindi

Theatre-like experience at home. Just pick your favourite movie, choose your preferred time slot, book your ticket and enjoy with your family.

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Genre: Crime/Thriller

Languages: Hindi

When everyone is hiding the truth, justice will thrive despite the silence. Prepare for a murder mys... more


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Genre: Drama/Thriller

Languages: Hindi

Ayan, a pharmaceutical salesman in Pakistan, takes on the multinational health care corporation he w... more


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ZeePlex is one of the best movies-on-demand services that lets you watch all of your favourite movies in HD. Dish TV ZeePlex has a pay per view service that can be availed by the users with ease. Simply put, the Zeeplex channel on Dish TV is the ultimate entertainment destination for all the movie lovers out there. Welcome to Zeeplex, India's new multiplex.


What is ZEEPLEX ?
ZEEPLEX is a pay-per-view movie service for DishTV subscribers to watch new movie releases, from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Note: Your Dish TV account must be active at the show date/time, for you to be able to watch the movie.
Who is eligible for booking on the ZEEPLEX channel?
All DishTV subscribers are eligible to book and watch movies on ZEEPLEX. In case you are not a DishTV subscriber, you can purchase a new DishTV connection and then avail the ZEEPLEX pay-per-view movie service. Visit to purchase a new connection.
How can I book the movie on the ZEEPLEX channel?
The movies can be booked online on the pay-per-view movie platform by any existing subscriber for ZEEPLEX on DishTV from the Dish TV website and app, by visiting
Do I need to keep my Set-top-box ON, while susbscribing to ZEEPLEX on Dish TV?
No, the Set-top-box need not be ON while booking a movie on ZEEPLEX. However, we recommend you keep your set top box on at least 15 mins before the starting of your movie show to enjoy a seamless experience
What are the different show timings available for a movie for ZEEPLEX on DishTV?
There are total 8 shows that are available in a day - 12 am/ pm, 3 am/ pm, 6 am/ pm, 9am/ pm. You can get more information about show timings for specific movies by visiting This means viewers can now watch new movies on TV as per their convenience.
When will movie start and how will it be played?
The movie show starts at the time you have booked it for. The first part of the movie will be played followed by interval of 2 minutes. Then second part of the movie will be played post the interval.
Can I reschedule/ cancel the movies on the ZEEPLEX channel?
At present, there is NO facility to Cancel or Reschedule a movie booking on the ZEEXPLEX channel.
What is the cost of a new movie on Zeeplex?
Subscription price of every movie is different and will be communicated at the time of booking.
How do I watch the movie on the ZEEPLEX channel?
Once the movie is purchased for a particular time slot, you will be provided with detailed booking information including, the Channel Number, Show timings and Booking ID via SMS and Email. You simply need to tune to the given channel number at the show time. Please keep your set top box ON 15 minutes before you start to watch new movie releases on ZEEXPLEX with DishTV.
Can I use my existing DishTV account balance for booking a ZEEPLEX movie?
Yes, you can use your existing DishTV balance to pay for the movie. You should have a minimum balance of “cost of the movie show +Rs. 150” in your DishTV account for availing ZEEPLEX on DishTV. E.g. if the cost for a movie is Rs. 199,you should have a minimum of Rs. 199 + Rs 150 = Rs. 349 in your account to pay for the movie from your DishTV account balance. You will receive information about the change in the switch off date and account balance post the transaction
How else can I pay for the ZEEPLEX movie booking?
In addition to paying for your ZEEPLEX movie with your DishTV Account (minimum balance of movie subscription amount + Rs. 150 is required), you can also directly pay for the movie using Credit/Debit card, Netbanking, UPI and PayTM Wallet on or My Dish Tv App
I have 2 or more DishTV connections. Can I watch the booked movie on all/any connection?
In case you have a multi-TV connection (Parent and child connections), your booking will be valid for all your Set-top-boxes and you can watch the movie on one or more set-top-boxes at the same time.
How many times can I book a single ZEEPLEX movie title?
There is a maximum limit of 2 shows per movie title in a period of 30 days.

This movie is also available in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and Kannada. To switch between languages, use the “Lang” button on the remote while watching the movie.

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